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Ergo Proxy: Centzon Hitchers and Undertaker CHAPTER LIST
  • Ergo Proxy: Centzon Hitchers and Undertaker

    Alternative : Ergo Proxy ; センツォン・ヒッチャーズ&アンダーテイカー
  • Author(s) : Harao yumiko ; Manglobe
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Mar 21, 22:00
  • TransGroup :
  • view : 20.000
  • Genre : Seinen; Psychological; Sci fi
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Ergo Proxy: Centzon Hitchers and Undertaker:

The story begins in a futuristic domed city called Romdeau, built to protect its citizens after a global ecological disaster. In this utopia, humans and AutoReivs (androids) coexist peacefully under a total management system. A series of murders committed by robots and AutoReivs infected with the Cogito virus (which causes them to become self-aware) begins to threaten the delicate balance of Romdeau's social order. Behind the scenes, the government has been conducting secret experiments on a mysterious humanoid life form called a "Proxy". The Proxy beings (described as God-like and Immortal) are believed to hold the key to the survival of mankind.


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