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Hundreds of millions of years ago, highly-advanced beings looking to make a planet for themselves purposefully tampered with Earth's natural processes in order to create multi-cellular life. Watching the planet's evolution closely, they continued to help life evolve further in the hopes of having actual civilization develop.
It's now 1996 in Seoul, where Hyesong, a high-school student, struggles with the usual problems of youth. The only unusual thing about him is that he's been having the same apocalyptic nightmare for an entire month; in the dream he is an great fighter and genius tactician who faces off against a seemingly-unbeatable foe.
Are these dreams not really dreams? Does he really have a role to play in the cosmic balance of the universe? And is the new girl in his class really just a normal student?
Chapter name Time uploaded
Armagedon Chapter 47

: Vol 03

3 days ago
Armagedon Chapter 14

: The Killer-X

Armagedon Chapter 13

: The Delta Boy

Armagedon Chapter 12

: Year 2157, the Last Survivors of Humanity

Armagedon Chapter 11

: The ID Killer

Armagedon Chapter 10

: The Haunted House [+] Prologue VIII

Armagedon Chapter 9

: The Unknown Shooter III

Armagedon Chapter 8

: Prologue VII

Armagedon Chapter 7

: The Unknown Shooter II

Armagedon Chapter 6.8

: Prologue V

Armagedon Chapter 6.2

: [continuation]

Armagedon Chapter 6.1

: The Unknown Killer

Armagedon Chapter 5

: Jealousy

Armagedon Chapter 4

: The Nightmare

Armagedon Chapter 3

: Mary [+] Prologue IV

Maybe coming in the next issue
Armagedon Chapter 48
Armagedon Chapter 49


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